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Building Code from Experience

I’ve had some minor experience with programming in HTML & CSS and this has helped me understand how SwiftUI works in many ways. Building on experience and learning is essential to growing in anything and coding is no different. There are similarities in many languages. For example for a beginner with minimal experience in coding will find fundamentals that run in all programming languages such as:

  • Formatted text by using tabbed spaces to show the hierarchy of the code:
Struct ContentView: View {
      TAB    var body: some View {
      TAB      TAB      Text(“Hello World”)
      TAB      }
  • Using curly braces to designate beginning and end of sections of code:
Struct ContentView: View {
       var body: some View {
             Text(“Hello World”)
  • In SwiftUI the similarities between HTML / CSS and SwiftUI for modifying objects are remarkable and helped me understand the premise of modifiers in SwiftUI:
Text(“Hello World”)


 p {
  color: blue;

So I’ve learnt that as I learn and grow SwiftUI ill be able to put into practice a lot of the practices I’ve learnt to be able to grow as a developer in whatever programming language I learn.

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